Verre à Mélange en Acier Inoxydable


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Cocktail perfection with Stainless Steel Mixing Glass

Mastering the art of cocktail crafting requires precision blending of ingredients to ensure each flavor unfolds beautifully. Without the trusty stainless steel mixing glass, your mixology skills just won’t shine.

Constructed with a generous 500 ml capacity, the distinguished design of our verre à mélange en acier inoxydable is adorned with an elegant pattern of fleur-de-lis, making it a striking addition to any bar collection.

Right-sized to work seamlessly with a Hawthorne strainer, this robust accessory comes equipped with a spout for a clean and charismatic pour every time.

Choose this stainless steel mixing glass for an assurance of effortless elegance—no drip, no drop, just cocktail perfection.

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